Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow and stitches

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. The weeks just seem to be passing by so quickly. The snow has been crazy ... I can't remember so much snow since I was a kid. Last Thursday I decided to go to the Dundrum shopping Centre and thought I'd be fine as the snow seemed light, but when I came out afterwards ... it was like a blizzard. There was deep slush and snow on the roads and everyone was driving at about two miles an hour and I thought I'd never make it to the other end of the M50!
Anyway, I finally finished my los and cards for round 4 of scrapbook apprentice (I'll post a few sneaks next week). They seemed to take me ages this time and even though the papers were pretty, they were totally not my style. What I did love though was that I got to try stitching. I absolutely love the look of stitching on a page but never do it myself as I struggle with a sewing machine (can't use the foot pedal ... though I'm sure if I thought about it hard enough I could find a way around that!) and even though I have one of the mini machines, they are not very versatile and don't reach very far into the page. But I did do lots of hand stitching and used nice new stitching templates from PaperMania and have to say, its definitely something I'll be doing on los in the future.
The lo below is a Christmassy one I did a couple of weeks ago with some lovely BG Wassail. Thought I'd post this one as all the snow makes it feel like it should be Christmas :)


Ritchelle said...

That is lovely,I really wish I could do that.

I am happy to see your blog.I am a blogger too living in Dublin but I am originally from the Philippines.

All the best,

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

Hey Lynn! Hope you are keeping well! Sorry I am only getting back to you know about the colouring in! LOL! I use water colour pencils and a paint brush! the brand of pencils are Caran D'Ache! Hope that helps!

Hugs mandyxx

Julie M said...
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Julie M said...

Hi Lynn, gorgeous LO. I love Wassail!

As I write, you're in the lead!!!! Woohoo!!!!! Keeping fingers crossed.

If you're ever in Dundrum and it's snowing in a scary way again, give me a call, I'm only up the road!

Julie x