Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeling sneaky!

Oisin and I went to see Bolt (again!) today. It is just sooo funny. Go see it if you need to be cheered up, or would just like a good laugh:) 
I'm so excited about going to CraftEire this Friday. It should be a great couple of days and I can't wait to see everyone and scrap to my hearts content! 
I also have a few sneaks for round four of Scrapbook Apprentice. For this challenge the theme was stitching and the Boho Chic style. 


Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Ohhh love your sneak peaks, they look very interesting

Elisa said...

The stitching is gorgeous, loving the beautiful happy colours, can't wait to see the full pages/cards!

cannycrafter said...

Love the sneaks!!! Great work!!

Julie M said...

These look fab - can't wait to see them in full. I love the bright colours.

Julie xx

P.S. Saw Bolt yesterday with DS + DD - very good.

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

ohhhhhh they look so good!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see them in full, the stitching looks amazing! Hope you are having a ball at crafteire!! LOVE bolt! Reminds me of our pets, we have a cat that looks the very same as Mittens, who we have now renamedJessy Mittens and the same hamster too! only thing we need to do is spray our dog Frodo white and eh voile! LOL!!!