Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Resistance is futile

I haven't got to do a whole lot of scrapping over the last while, maybe just one or two LO's a week, if even that! And I'm finding the that the months are going by so quickly that I'm not getting to use up as much of my monthly kits as I would like before the next one arrives. Every month I tell myself that I won't get any add-ons, but every month (so far) I haven't been able to resist those tempting little beauties. This month I didn't even set my alarm for 5am in the hope that the add-on I wanted would be sold out by the time I got to go online later in the day. But wouldn't you know it... this month they were still available later than usual!  I had no choice but to give in :) I did manage to feel slightly better about my ever growing stash when I saw this though :
This is another LO about our trip to Venice. I still remember taking that photo of Declan doing his tourist pose!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

rank 23,208,167 ???

My dearest darling hubby got me this t-shirt, and according to it, 0.000001% of internet users say my site rocks! Well I'm not quite sure if that's a complement or an insult! According to him, being ranked 23,208,167th is pretty good considering there's over 100,000,000 sites! I'm not so sure. I guess I could always wear it to bed :)

My Indiana Jones LO was returned today from the lovely Creativity! Life people and I got another copy of the mag as well as some of that lovely new Core'dinations cardstock. 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

holiday memories

July's StudioCalico kit featured the very lovely Passport line by Making Memories, so I spent quite a while looking through our old holiday snaps trying to find the best photos to scrap. I was quite surprised at the bad quality of some of the pics from our old camera. Thank goodness for digital cameras (though we only got our first one when Oisin was born!) This LO shows me on a gondola trip in Venice. We spent a week in Italy for our first wedding anniversary and had a fabulous time. It's so beautiful, and the ice-cream...mmmmm.

Friday, July 18, 2008

In the Pink!

Declan and Oisin went on an 'adventure' to Wicklow yesterday so I had the day to myself. I got started on my quest to do some pages about myself, starting with a LO about how old I'm starting to feel:) I know I'm not that old (I'll be 33 next month) but time seems to be flying by. I think it was celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary last week that did it! And I did another page with some random facts about me.  I have to say that it was quite theraputic doing a girly, pink(-ish) LO and writing about myself.  

Also, StudioCalico are having a Friends and Family promo from July 28th to August 20th. If anyone is interested in trying out a kit, you can get $10 off if you enter the promo code 0728 at checkout. And did I mention that I got a boxful of Thickers from the postie this morning? I ordered about 20 packs from ebay last week. You can never have too many thickers. (I must have momentarily forgot that my car insurance is up next month...oh well!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The very talented Elisa nominated me for this blog award the week before last. Thanks Elisa and sorry for the delay in posting about it :) 

The rules are that I have to nominate 7 other bloggers whose blogs I admire and visit frequently. Each award winner must show the award and link seven nominated people from their own blog then post a message on the seven chosen blogs. I still have to decide on that. (I'm not sure if a blog can be nominated more than once). 
I got my fabulously gorgeous StudioCalico kit yesterday and I can't wait to play! I've been thinking about doing a few LOs about myself! Something I've never really done. I wrote down a few ideas in my new 'Layout Ideas' notebook and I think I'll take the plunge. Problem number 1: finding photo's of myself that I like. Problem number 2: knowing how much to write; do I want people to know goes on in my head? Though I guess most people who would read my pages wouldn't actually know me!
Anyway, here's a LO I did a few months ago about my wonderful and crazy little Oisin...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting....

I got to go to the cinema twice last week with Oisin. The long awaited Kung Fu Panda was out at last and Oisin loved it. (Ok we both loved it!) We also saw Journey to the Centre of the Earth. 
I got to meet Liz (aka Littlebit) from the Cara Crafts forum today at the ATM in Blanchardstown! She recognized me from CraftEire. You never know where you'll meet fellow scrappers! Hi LittleBit :)
I finally got do do a couple of LO's at the weekend, which is just as well, as I'm trying to use up some more of my current StudioCalico kit before the next one arrives. I love the photo in this one with my niece and Oisin posing while licking the chocolate chip cookie bowl.

Friday, July 11, 2008

10 years...

Well I haven't got to do any scrapping yet this week, but I did get to make an anniversary card for my gorgeous hubby. It's our 10th wedding anniversary today!! I got the idea from a LO I saw somewhere a few months ago. I can't find it now (to give the right person the credit) but it was probably on the StudioCalico site. The papers are from a StudioCalico kit. Have a great weekend :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

a sunny day

Well it was nice to have a little bit of sunshine today. We even went to the Botanic Gardens this evening for a stroll amongst the flowers! We had our wedding photo's taken there almost 10 years's our 10th wedding anniversary this week. ( I'm really starting to feel quite old. Happy anniversary babe, if your reading this :)
Anyway, I got a few LO's done over the last week or two. And I decided to cover a sketchbook I picked up in Borders a couple of months ago. I was inspired by a gorgeous binder that was an add-on in July's Studio Calico kit. Although I really would have loved to buy it, I had already snagged myself two other add-ons and couldn't really justify buying any more. So I decided to cover the notebook I already had and use it to write down some of the LO ideas that are always swimming around my head. 

And this is one of the LOs I finished during the week. I love the bright green and yellow. Makes it feel summery!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Got my hands on my copy of the brand new Creativity!Life magazine this morning and was very happy to see my Indiana Jones LO in the readers gallery!

I have to say the mag looks very impressive, and it only cost €1.50 for a special bumper pack!!! The magazine is full of lovely LO's and there are lots of articles which I am am now off to read in detail :) 
For my LO I used some of the BG Archaic range and some doodlebug letter stickers. The kraft cardstock, red paper and journalling card are from a StudioCalico kit.