Wednesday, May 7, 2008

early days

I bought my copy of doCrafts Creativity magazine today. To be honest, I don't usually find it great but it's always worth a look for €1.50! The new doCrafts scrapbook magazine, Creativity Life, is coming out in July and looks really good. (And not just because one of my LO's will be in it :) It will be be great value if it is only €1.50 too.
 I did however, scraplift my very first LO from a DoCrafts magazine. The LO below was my first LO ever and it really inspired me to keep going.

My second original LO was 'The things you say'. Although the design was pretty basic I really loved that I was able to record all the funny little things Oisin said when he was 3. I loved the idea of this page so much that I did another one about a year later and it was one of my entries for the Scrapbooker of the Year competition. You can see it on one of my older posts or on the slideshow. (What do you think of my new slideshow by the way?  :)

I booked my ticket for the Midsummer MegaScrap event with Lance from Rusty Pickle and Donna Downey yesterday. I'm not really a big fan of Rusty Pickle but hopefully it will be a good day.


Neasa said...

Oh my God I'm laughing here. He and DD would get on great. She says "Actually" so often and I've no idea where she got it from. She also says things like "She very said I could" (when asked by my neighbour if Mommy knew she was at their house-I didn't very say so!!) She also answers the phone and tells people Mommy is gone and she's all alone so do they want to come for a cup of tea....They'd hang ya!!

kathj said...

I love the beach boys lo