Monday, April 7, 2008

Product Review

It's always nice to get something for free... but it's even better when you get something you love for free! I got myself a free sample of 3L Scrapbook Adhesive EZ Runner to review, courtesy of Design Objectives (thanks Becks and Katy!) and I have to say I love these little guys. I used to be a glue stick girl and thought you had to glue everything (especially paper) right to the edge to get it to lie flat and look good. Needless to say I ruined many a good photo on a layout with my sticky little fingers :) When I discovered these EZ Runners, life became just a little bit easier (and a lot less messy!) I have used them successfully on ribbon, felt, card and paper and it goes on like a dream. They are very sticky (I find them stronger than the glue dot runners) but not so sticky that you can't pull things carefully apart in an 'bad placement' emergency. My only problem now is that if I'm going through a good scrapping phase (and at the moment my mojo is in overdrive) I can go through one in just a few days. Which leads me to my main problem with them - they are too expensive!   
I also had to answer a few questions for the review... so here goes!
1. How often do you use adhesive? Everytime I scrap, which can vary from 1 day to 5 or 6 days a week. 
2. What is the main type of adhesive you use? EZ runners and glue dots. 
3. What do you look for in an adhesive? Something with strong hold, easy to use and clean.
4. How easy is the product to remove from the packaging? Very easy.
5. How does the product appeal to you - does it look good? It looks fine, could be a bit snazzier!
6. How easy is the product to use? Very easy.
7. How well does the product perform? Very well. I was very happy with it.
8. Do you like this product? I loved it.
9. Do you consider it good value for money? I'm afraid's too expensive.
10. Would you consider buying this product in the future? Yes.
11. What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future? If it was cheaper I would buy them by the dozen.
12. What would make you less likely to buy this product in the future? If it was any more expensive than it already is!

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