Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's a start!

Well, I thought I'd never do it, but here I am starting my own blog. I recently returned from the wonderful CraftEire where everyone seemed to be talking about their blogs, so I thought I better at least give it a go! CraftEire was so much fun and it was so great to be able to talk about scrapbook stuff with others who seemed to love it as much as me. I didn't realise there were so many fellow scrappers in Ireland.
 I was kind of relieved there were others who got excited by the thought of beautiful patterned paper, fabulous tools and cool embellishments!
I started scrapping about a year and a half ago. My first time to see one of my layouts in a magazine was in the letters page of January's Scrapbook inspirations. That was the 'Dress Rehearsal' layout above. I don't know if appearing in the letters page counts as 'being published' but I was so delighted to see my layout in print. 
Then in February I found out that I was a runner-up in Scrapbook Magazines 'Scrapbooker of the Year' competition. I thought I was going to burst I was so excited.  

I didn't know I had won anything until I picked up the magazine in Easons as they didn't let me know in advance. I got a real surprise when I saw my name and layouts!

Here are the layouts I entered for the competition. The first one is called 'Take Time to be Silly'. It has a few self portraits of Oisin and I making silly faces.

This next one is called 'The Monkeys' and the photo in this layout is of Oisin in Universal Studios in Florida.

My last layout is a double page layout called 'Things You Say'. I had been keeping note of a few of the funny little things Oisin said for a few months and had wanted to put them all in the one layout.
I still have to figure out how to get things looking exactly how I want here but hopefully that won't take too long!


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