Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The very talented Elisa nominated me for this blog award the week before last. Thanks Elisa and sorry for the delay in posting about it :) 

The rules are that I have to nominate 7 other bloggers whose blogs I admire and visit frequently. Each award winner must show the award and link seven nominated people from their own blog then post a message on the seven chosen blogs. I still have to decide on that. (I'm not sure if a blog can be nominated more than once). 
I got my fabulously gorgeous StudioCalico kit yesterday and I can't wait to play! I've been thinking about doing a few LOs about myself! Something I've never really done. I wrote down a few ideas in my new 'Layout Ideas' notebook and I think I'll take the plunge. Problem number 1: finding photo's of myself that I like. Problem number 2: knowing how much to write; do I want people to know goes on in my head? Though I guess most people who would read my pages wouldn't actually know me!
Anyway, here's a LO I did a few months ago about my wonderful and crazy little Oisin...

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