Wednesday, October 7, 2009

scrap at singing

I'm so glad X Factor is back! I'm a self confessed addict but isn't everyone?? And oh how I wish I could sing. And I guess I really mean ... sing well :) I love to sing and am always singing along to the radio in the car, with my ipod in the house and while I scrap. But alas it's probably not a very pleasant experience for anyone within earshot! I'm also really enjoying the Apprentice and I'm so glad they decided to do an Irish version.
I just wanted to say thank you too for all the good wishes on my last post. I'm hoping the nausea and tiredness will pass soon so my scrapping mojo will reappear. I'm also looking forward to starting my Christmas craftiness soon and ordered my BG Eskimo Kisses today. (oooohhhhh it's lovely:) So as I still haven't got to do any new los I thought I'd leave you with a couple of pages that I haven't posted here before, that were in some of the recent(ish) DoCrafts magazines.


Annamarie said...

Beautiful LO's Lynn :-) Hope the nausea doesn't last too much longer, yuck (been there, bought the t-shirt LOL).

Petshae said...

that wedding one is SO beautidful../

Nazneen said...

very pretty! i love making scrapbooks too :)