Thursday, July 23, 2009

been busy...

but not with anything crafty!! We spent most of last week in the fabulous Castlemartyr hotel in Cork for a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday. The weather was mostly good ... pretty sunny between the torrential downpours! We got to visit Some of Decs family, spent a day at Trabolgan (where we had a hard time getting Ois away from the kiddies go-karts), went to Ballymaloe for a scone and a hot chocolate (yum), swam in the pool, and got to visit Cork Art Supplies (well that one was just for me :) ... and even got to do a little relaxing.
The lo below is the sum of my craftiness for the last few weeks. I thought of doing it when I heard the Baz Luhrman song, Sunscreen, for the first time in ages on the radio ... and the words really rang true. Obviously, it's an old photo of me!


Julie M said...

Hi Lynn, your trip sounded great. I'm partial to the odd scone (with jam and clotted cream, of course!) myself!!

Love this LO - sooooooo summery.


Lainey said...

Wow Lynn- hope you enjoyed Castlemartyr-it looks gorgeous! Great sunscreen LO - love that song too! Fingers crossed for the next round of the apprentice!

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

love this LO Lynn!!!

sounds like you have a wonderful time.....visit to craft shop been the best part! hehehe

you must be on tender hooks today....few more hours!!! have fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you!

hugs mandyxx

Julie M said...

Me again - have left you something on my blog!

Well done on getting through!


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Hi Lynn, your trip sounded great. I'm partial to the odd scone (with jam and clotted cream, of course!) myself!!