Thursday, May 7, 2009


After going for a good swim this morning and doing a few extra lengths, I have no energy left to think up a witty/clever/apt title for todays post so it will just have to remain untitled :)
I signed up the other day over with the Scrapbook Store for the Midsummer MegaScrap with Celine Navarro. Sounds like it will be a good day and I'm looking forward to learning some new techniques. Celine was a guest designer with StudioCalico a few months after they started up. Oisin is counting down the days to his birthday party now and I just hope he hasn't got orders in with his friends for presents!
I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with the lo below. Its one I did sometime last year and I love lots of the individual elements like the papers, the colours, the felt rocket, the title and the memory but it's a bit all over the place. Oh well :)


littlebit said...

You may feel its all over the place ... personally I love it. Its got movement, style, and its wonderfully busy.

Anonymous said...


job said...


tiger said...


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