Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And so ...

... the end is near! The end of the summer holidays that is ... and I can hardly believe it. I still feel like I'm waiting for the summer to begin, for those clouds to disappear and for the sun to become a constant fixture in the sky. But alas, the weather has been pretty rubbish ... but we still managed to get out and about and I think Oisin had a pretty good break. We even made it to the zoo yesterday :)
With Oisin heading back to school next week I'm hoping to get a bit more scrapping (and blogging) done. I got a grand total of two los done over the summer ... this being the second ...

This was Oisin having fun on the kids go karts in Trabolgon in July. I used the lovely bright Lime Rickey papers from BG.
The new issue of the DoCrafts Creativity mag is also out now and we were pretty lucky to have a few pieces in there. I have a page of Christmassy stuff in the Quick Makes section, a lo in the 'Christmas Past' article (I do not love that lo ... though I do like the photo!) and the other lo from the space challenge (and a card) in the scrapbook apprentice section. (The other one was the birdhouse lo on the CLBlog). Here's a glimpse at some of those ...


Dianne said...

Wonderful LO Lynn, so colourful and happy

Julie M said...

Gorgeous LO, Lynn - looking forward to seeing your published work. Talking about Lime Rickey, did you see this bedlinen in IKEA - I saw it and thought of you!!!


Elisa said...

I was thinking about you yesterday, as I contemplate using some of my old BG papers in a layout.
Nobody uses BG better than you and this LO is no exception.
Congrats on being published, I'll chase the mag and good luck in the apprentice!

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